Sobibor Concentration Camp Essay

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Sobibor Concentration Camp During the Holocaust, Jews and many other people were sent to concentration camps or “death camps,” where Hitler sent them to be killed. In March of 1942 Sobibor, the second camp, had been built outside the small town of Sobibor in the Lublin sector of Poland. Hitler had plans for Sobibor to kill as many people as possible, but due to resistance from the Jews and the greatest escape that came out of the war it didn 't work as they thought it would. Sobibor was a smaller camp that didn 't hold as many people as some of the other camps like Auschwitz and Dachau. Victims were told they were being taken over the border of Germany to Ukraine, but had to shower and make sure they wouldn 't bring over any disease. Shlomo Szmajzner, had reported, “As soon as the wagons were emptied, we were impelled towards a long corridor flanked by two fences made of barbed wire.” Voluntarily without suspicion groups of people went into these sealed chambers that pumped gas out and killed shortly after arriving. There were about 600 jewish workers keeping the camp running, but were often killed and replaced to keep rebellion from occurring. News was spread about what was happening in the camp and people were restless in trying to escape.
One of the greatest escape plans
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After the big escape hitler had ordered the camp to close down and the installations had been torn down. Trees and landscape took over the area. Overall Sobibor death camp had taken 250,000 jewish and other races lives. There was a small court in hagen that had put criminal proceedings against 12 SS men who had been accused of crimes against humanity. Werner Dubois, one of the SS men had admitted he was guilty and said, “It is clear to me that in the extermination camp, murder was committed. What I have done was only to assist in the murder. If I were to be found guilty it would be justified, murder is murder. We are all guilty." They were all found guilty and were executed for their
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