Sobibor: The Devil's Death Camp

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Sobibor: The Devil's Death Camp In the early thirties and forties many German Nazi concentration camps would become a final resting place for those against a man by the name of, Adolf Hitler. Amongst them was the camp of Sobibor. Sobibor was constructed in the spring of 1942, in the Lublin district of Poland, near the small village of Sobibor. Sobibor had one purpose and one purpose only, to kill as many Jews as quickly as possible. Sobibor was actually two camps divided into three parts. The Uprising at Sobibor was one of the greatest escapes of World War II. After the revolt, Sobibor was destroyed. My experience at the Museum of Tolerance was a transformative one. I am definitely not the same person I was walking through the doors…show more content…
Sobibor had the same purpose as many camps during this time, to kill as many Jews as possible . Sobibor was two camps that were divided into three parts. The Sobibor Uprising was one of the greatest escapes of the Second World War. After the uprising, Sobibor was destroyed. As if it never existed. Sobibor was not a well known camp. But, many lives were lost to the wrath ,of a horrible man, by the name of Adolf Hitler. Now, all that is left at the former site of Hitler's death camp, Sobibor , is the mound of ashes of those whose lives were stolen, to remind us that this cannot repeat itself. To remind us of all the broken, innocent souls, who had once experienced freedom. To remind us to not take everything in life for granted because, one day we will miss everything we do not have. It is there for us to remember and never forget, what happened at Sobibor. One of the more well-known victims of the Holocaust is Anne Frank. She was an ordinary teenager who lived for the love of writing. Her story is tragic because she died at a young age and she had so much to give. The Anne Frank exhibit features the life and legacy of Anne Frank and her story, told through her own words. One important lesson one can learn after reading Anne Frank's story is Human Compassion.Another important lesson one can take away from Anne Frank is that Human Spirit may never be killed. No matter how many lashes and
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