Soccer Argumentative Essay

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Fact!! Players in the NHL lose teeth, break bones, get stitches on the bench, they fight and crawl to win the Stanley cup. Americans want their athletes to be the strongest, fastest, and the tallest to inspire that awe moment. In the United States, the sports are high scoring with basketball and football. Americans find soccer boring to watch. Soccer benefits the defense more than the offense. Does the sport of soccer need to change or the view of the people for the sport. Firstly, Americans want their athletes to be the strongest, fastest, and tallest people to have graced the earth to inspire that awe moment. According to Craig Keolauni's post on TheSportster, "In a country where players who are close to being seven feet tall get shoe contracts and behemoth muscular sluggers get rewarded by hitting balls over outfield walls, running around for 90 minutes without achieving success comes with very little reward." What he means by this is that…show more content…
An article named Top 15 Reasons Why Soccer Is Not a Major US Sport they state, " In a sport with so few chances to score, it is aggravating to have all the rules favor the defense and have speed eliminated by offsides calls. In hockey it is understandable that “cherry picking” is not allowed, but in soccer defenders routinely outnumber offensive players. In a country where speed is celebrated, it seems absurd that so many of the world’s fastest players get penalized for trying to utilize their speed." I do believe this is true and soccer is favored towards the defense. Mostly because there are many rules to favor them like the offsides call, the goalkeeper can't be touched in the box, and the defense also has usually about seven to eight players defending. The attacking team can usually touch the ball a lot and keep it but as they start getting closer to the opposing goal box the defensive numbers stack and it is harder to pass in such a congested
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