Soccer Captain Research Paper

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Being a captain in soccer whether it's professional soccer or high school soccer is an honor to be. Professional players such as Andres Iniesta, Carles Puyol, Sergio Ramos, and the player that inspired me to play soccer Paolo Maldini have all shown why being a captain is such an honor to be. Now I have been given the honor to be varsity captain for My high school soccer team but I wasn't just given to me because I was a senior no, it was given to me because of my hard work and dedication to become a better soccer player and to become a leader.

Freshman year was a big learning process for me. I learned that varsity High school soccer was hard. Our varsity team overall record was 2-13-0. At the time I was playing mostly jv soccer as a striker
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Summer was at full blast, Sunday league was starting and I was playing soccer every single day. I was ready for the next season of high school soccer to come and I was training myself to the limit because I wanted to be one of the best players on the field and to possibly be captain for varsity this year. This year was also the year our new coach, coach Jay was in charge of us because Olivier had left last year to to go to Michigan with his wife. Jay had already seen how well of a player I was because I played in his soccer club and immediately placed me in the varsity roster but as a defender and not a striker. The transition was difficult but I learned fast. I remember one practice Jay told me that if I would be willing enough to play as a defender and not a striker because we had a really good offense but a really bad defense and we were in desperate need of a Center Back So I said sure I'll give it a try and ended up enjoying and I now became a defender. Every Monday, a group of my friends and I would play futsal to improve our dribbling and soccer skills but this Monday was the Monday that I fractured my ankle. We were winning 5-3 and this was all a friendly match with all my friends and our team was currently on the defense, defending our goal. I was about to claim position of the ball to put my team on the attack but when I placed my left foot next to the ball I got shoved and when I placed my right foot to…show more content…
I came back with a team that was craving a championships and a positive season because we were a good team this year and we all believed we could make it all the way as champions. Our soccer team overall record was 7-7-1, We achieved only one goal that year and that was to have a positive season but we didn't achieve our second goal which was to be champions. We could have been able to make it to the playoffs but we had students that were ineligible when we had crucial games to play and ended up losing those crucial games. If we had no players ineligible we would have achieved our second goal and possibly would have been champions of the Tri Valley league. Senior night which was our last game of the season we played against skyline which if you didn't know were the champions last year and killed us last year. We did good the first half and left them goalless but when the second half started they got a quick goal on use and scored their first goal of the game. That early goal that they scored lead them into scoring two more goals later in the second half and ending the game 0-3. At the end of the game after we shook hands with all the opposing side and referees we had a group talk. Jay told everyone that he was so proud of us that we achieved so many things this year that he was excited for the season to come. After the group chat, Jay came up to me and asked me how being a captain
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