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What defines you? In a people’s lives, things come and go, some in which stay and will grow to define them as a person, and some that bring joy and happiness. A short-cut green grass soccer field is what defines me, while cheering for my school is my favorite thing to do. I take pleasure in stepping outdoors in my new Nike soccer cleats, soaking in the fresh air. Other than new cleats, receiving a brand new uniform spelling out “ESHS” makes me proud to attend the unbelievable school. Being involved in these draws me to further my friendships and bond with others. I love being surrounded by other people sharing the same passion.
For ten years now I have been playing soccer. The beautiful game warms my heart and relieves me of my stress. When I play, I feel as if my worries have been carried away. The warm yellow sun shines down on the sweaty team. Cleats thump on the grass as players rush by fast, causing a gust of wind. The hard uneven grass passes by under my feet. I rush to receive the vibrant colored ball. The ref’s watch counts down the time left until the end. The ball presses against my foot as I shoot and aim for the top left corner of the swaying net. It soars past the goalie’s gloves and makes contact with the net. The crowd abruptly jumps to their feet and
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I wake up early to the beeping sound of my alarm. This means the time for practice has come. We drill cheers to execute them perfectly at events. At games we shake the shinny gold and blue poms while chanting supportive school spirit cheers. The solid black track passes by my eyes as my hands make contact with the surface. I tumble down the lanes, flipping and flipping again. The quarterback makes a long, precise pass towards the end zone. The ball soars through the air and is caught. We celebrate the team’s victories and condole the losses without deserting a positive

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