Soccer Descriptive Writing

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My chest is pumping faster as the red hand on the clock ticks then my body starts shaking. My vision is now blurry. Feeling as if I was trapped inside a plastic bag. I heard my brother calling for help. Even though it felt like an eternity, it was only a few minutes before I was on a nebulizer. The doctor said I had a severe anxiety attack. These attacks started coming every day as soccer season continued. Soccer was the one thing I always enjoyed but being the 8th grader on a Varsity team, meant I was the easiest target for tormenters. Girls would taunt me for surpassing them. Lies about me rumored through the team and eventually the town. I began to dread waking up every day. I would try to keep my doctor 's advice in mind, “breathe in, breathe out.” Every day seemed like there was more bullies, everyone was joining the bandwagon. One of my vilest memories is when a boy sat behind me in English class to put tape and glue in my hair. I stood up and heard everyone laughing at me. Anytime I tried to get my hair untangled from the tape, it would tear out. Four years later I can’t look at the boy without the vivid memory coming back to me.…show more content…
I was the outsider of the town I grew up in. My coach suggested I quit the last week of the season because of the tormenting. Approximately 160,000 students stay home from school due to bullying and I became one of them. I would try to keep my doctor 's advice in mind, “breathe in, breathe out.”. Then one day I was asked to babysit a young girl with the sweetest smile. Little did I know that this girl with down syndrome would change my life. When I watched her it amazed me how she didn’t find evil in anyone and didn’t understand the concept of hate. I could finally be completely myself without being
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