Soccer Goalie Persuasive Speech

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You are standing on the field and there it is the ball is coming for you it was on the other side but now its here. You're wondering where she will go stay left or go right. Now it's clear she is going right but why isn't the goalie paying attention she needs to get her head in the game. It's too late she wont do anything its up to the defense coach was stupid he knew she wasn't feeling well you should have been goalie. The ball is coming with all your teammates to you have to stop it its up to you she is coming from the right, to the left, and then back to the right. Your family is all there you team is depending on you its now or never. The ball is right in front of you, think fast she kicks it and its in the air now no time, the goalie is paying attention but she wont stop it, its up to you. To high for your feet its a header but its not BAM!!! right in the face but wants going on. The ball hits your face as the blood is rushing from your mouth and the tooth is there, you have evidence in your hand.

Soccer started in Britain around 1863 although it is thought to have started somewhere in Asia, now over 240 million play the sport (according to
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First and main rule is that you cannot touch the ball with your hands on the field. There is an exception if you are the goalie (or keeper) or you are passing it in. Second is that there is no foul play or horse play (u can use your hips but no hands). If you don't follow the rules you can get cards. There are yellow cards orange and red cards (yellow being the least amount of trouble and red begin the most).The play of the game is simple pass the ball around and get to the other side once you are there kick the ball in the goal post and repeat. The hard part is not letting the other team get the ball and/or letting the goalie stop the ball from entering the

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