Soccer Is The Hardest Sport Essay

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By definition, soccer is a game played by two teams of eleven players with a round ball that can be touched by only the hands of the goalie. The purpose of soccer is to score by kicking, kneeing, or heading the ball into the opponents’ goal (Definition…). Soccer is a well-enjoyed sport worldwide and is inexpensive to play. Due to the straightforward rules, it does not take long for a player to learn the basics of the game. Although American football seems to be the dominant sport in the United States, internationally, 206 different countries compete through the game of soccer. Soccer is, and will continue to be, the most watched and enjoyed sport around the world because of the rules, global reach, and requirements.
Soccer is known as an easy sport to understand because of the simplicity of the rules and purpose. What can be easier to comprehend than dribbling a ball into a net without using hands? Two, eleven player teams, no hands, and out of bounds – these are just a few examples of the simple rules used during a soccer game (SC#9). Although each player on the field
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Not only has the support of soccer grown in the United States, but it has been growing worldwide. As the International Soccer Association continues to organize more international matches, associated football will expand in terms of fans and players. There is no other team game in the world that can compare to the popularity of the international game of soccer. Will everyone agree that soccer is the best sport (BE#13)? No, but it cannot be argued that it is the most watched sport worldwide. Associated football gives every nation the opportunity to bring the entire planet together to get crazy and cheer on their country’s team (Kruschewsky). In the end, a soccer team does not receive 15-yard penalties for “excessive
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