Motor Fitness Variables In Football

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Football is a game that requires skill, speed and many more components to get success in a game or match. Motor fitness variables are the key aspect to perform during the match. Soccer being most competitive sport, a player who is fit does not only enjoy more but he is also capable of using all the skills attained and mastered by him throughout, right from beginning to end of the game. The twin combination of both motor fitness and good physique is indispensable for a player without either of which he will not be able to achieve much, specifically in order to play any ball game competently. Training is an essential part of preparing for sports competition. If training for soccer is to be effective it must be related to the demands
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2004) that indicates creating interest of soccer among youth. In a soccer game, players have to perform various technical and tactical tasks according to their playing position. Athletic performance in soccer is a function of aerobic fitness, anaerobic fitness, speed, muscular strength, muscular power, and agility (Bangsbo, Mohr, Poulsen, Perez-Gomez, & Krustrup, 2006; Stolen, Charmari, Castagna, & Wisloff, 2005). During a match a player frequently performs activities that require rapid development of force, such as sprinting or quickly changing direction (Bangsbo, 1996). Although high-speed actions only contribute to 11% of the total distance covered in soccer, they actually contribute directly to winning possession of the ball and to scoring or conceding of goals (Reilly, Bangsbo & Franks, 2000). High-speed actions in soccer can be categorized into actions requiring acceleration, maximal speed or agility (Gambetta, 1996). Consequently, the SAQ (speed, agility and quickness) method has become dominant in soccer training (Pearson, 2001). Similar morphological and biochemical determinants of acceleration, maximal speed and agility have led to the assumption that these qualities are highly related (Little and Williams, 2005). One way to examine the relationship between linear speed and agility is to…show more content…
These physicians identified low back pain, foot problems, abdominal posies, obesity, hypertension, and degenerative cardiovascular diseases as conditions produced by sedentary life-styles in our affluent, tension-producing society. Thus the concept of physical fitness does convey a meaning of healthful living. Because heart disease, stroke and circulatory disorders are still primary causes of poor fitness is highly relevant for all people. Sedentary people suffer a higher incidence of coronary heart diseases than active persons (Morris et. al. 1973., Paffenbarger & Hale 1991). Thus attaining a desirable level of physical fitness is an important aspect of preventive medicine because physical inactivity appears to be related to the coronary heart disease. Recent longitudinal data shows that Harvard alumni who expend 2000 calories a week in vigorous exercise during their life span will increase the quality of life as well as live one or more years longer than sedentary persons. For most young participants however a physical fitness test is one that attempts to measure the efficiency of both the muscular and cardiovascular

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