Soccer Ball: Play Analysis

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SOCCER BALL A Play by Austin Greber Austin Greber Mrs. Love Hilliard Creative Writing 29 January 2016 Characters SOCCER BALL, RICO young kid, Setting At the soccer field in the present Lights up to reveal the soccer ball getting pulled out of the bag. RICO I feel like kicking this soccer ball around some. SOCCER BALL Hey why don’t pick on someone your own size? RICO ummm well i didn’t know that you could talk. SOCCER BALL Well what did you think i could do? RICO Well you 're a soccer ball, you 're suppose to be kicked. SOCCER BALL Does it look like i want to be kicked? RICO I guess not if you’re talking, why are you talking by the way? SOCCER BALL I 'm talking because i tired of you always kicking me around and always…show more content…
SOCCER BALL Not exactly but i do remember kicking the soccer ball around and accidentally tripping over the ball and hearing something say “no more should ball 's be abused.” and then when i woke up i was in the middle of the field and I couldn 't talk and I could only roll. RICO Ok so now all we need to do is reenact that. SOCCER BALL Ok. let 's do it RICO So go back to where you were and start hitting that ball around then trip and maybe that voice will come back and you will be back to normal. SOCCER BALL I hope this works. RICO Me too (the soccer ball goes back towards the center of the field) SOCCER BALL now what? RICO Do exactly what you did before. (the soccer ball pushes the other soccer ball to the center of the field and rolls over it, falling face first onto the ground) RICO Did you hear the voice? SOCCER BALL No nothing RICO Dang it! SOCCER BALL I thought it would of worked. RICO Me too but i guess not SOCCER BALL What do we do now? RICO Maybe if we pop the ball then you will go back to your normal self. SOCCER BALL Are you sure that would work? RICO I 'm not sure but i guess it 's worth a try. SOCCER
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