Denmark Porter's Five Forces Analysis

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The following analysis is a comparison between data of Denmark and data of OECD countries. So we can get a brief view of what the situation is in Denmark, because OECD countries data are more accessible than that of Denmark. OECD data show that “the average household net-adjusted disposable income per capita is 19,481 euro per annum”, more than the average income of OECD countries (18526 euro). Even though Denmark enjoys the world’s least unequal in income level, there is still a big wealth gap. To be more specific, OECD explains that “the top 20 percent of the Danes make around four times as much as the bottom 20 percent”, and on average in OECD countries, the estimated “income of the top 20% of the population is 35,303 euro per year”. For…show more content…
Five forces analysis of soccer shoes industry Porter (1979) in his paper, he proposed a framework to analyze a specific industry and develop business strategy, which consists “buyers bargaining power, suppliers bargaining power, rivalry among existing competitors, threats of new entrants, and threats of substitute product or service.” This five forces analysis indicates a comprehensive picture of the target industry, offers information for Pantofola d’Oro to create new competitive advantages and develop business strategies . Since Sweden and Denmark share similar soccer shoes industry status, the following combines both markets and presents a conclusion of this industry (see graph 1) as well as a brief analysis based on Porter’s Five Forces Model (see graph 2). The results in graph 1 shows that there is low threat of new entrants for Pantofola d’Oro because of huge entry barriers. Buyer bargaining power and supplier bargaining power are low. Threat of substitute products or services is moderate, mainly resulted from technology duplicability. High technology product faces merely threat at the initial stage, however, loses advantage once competitor replicate the new technology and produce similar product. In terms of the last force, Pantofola d’Oro will be confronted with high intense of competition among existing competitors. This threat is mainly from companies with same technologies and brands that have already exited in Sweden or Denmark for a long time, including Reebok, Adidas, Nike, etc. To be more specific, the customers of existing rivals have virtually formed loyalty to some certain bands, which is quite hard to

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