Cause And Effect Of Soccer Corruption

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“We cannot constantly supervise everybody that is in football… That is impossible”. Those were the words that FIFA’s former president and another time candidate said a couple of months ago in one of his conferences. Those words said by Sepp Blatter are incredible, corruption expressed clearly. The International Federation of Association Football also known as FIFA is completely infested of dishonest and nefarious people; thieves that call themselves “top officials”. Corruption is defined by the dishonest conduct of those in power, and that’s definitely what is happening in soccer right now. This top officials use soccer in a dishonest way to benefit themselves and their economic asset. FIFA corruption is caused by money, producing negative consequences to soccer, like the big scandals that are constantly occurring during this year and also the lack of credibility, when nobody in…show more content…
Money is the most important factor in the world, everything is about money, and soccer is not the exception. What cause the corruption in soccer is the economic benefits that can bring to the persons involved. The most clear example of the importance of money in soccer is expressed in the website when they talk about last World Cup in Brazil, when FIFA spent an estimated cost of 11 million U.S dollars organizing the tournament, making it the most expensive world cup in soccer history. The amount of money spent by FIFA is really surprising, but when you read that: “the 2014 World Cup generated 4.8 billion dollars in revenue for FIFA” ( you get totally shocked. Soccer is the most famous sport in the world, so that makes
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