Soccer Unity Project Analysis

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The Soccer Unity Project is a non-profit organization that has been working with Bella Mente Montessori Academy since January 2014. The Soccer Unity project provides children and their families the opportunity to be part of a fun and educational soccer community. This project takes in communities to form and expose them to the idea of giving back to the less fortunate. They believe that they can expose their youth teams to the idea of giving back to their community, so they can see the way of bringing people together through soccer and the importance of being on a team. I picked the soccer unity project because I have experience in coaching an adult co-ed soccer team. I played soccer all my life. My initial expectations of the company were to teach children how to play soccer while having fun, because soccer can be very stressful and competitive. The company was what I expected, they were very friendly and outgoing with the children and they focused on the basics of soccer while having a great time. On my first day I was nervous and excited. I got to observe their daily routines and how they…show more content…
My additional skills were leadership, teamwork, and confidence. When I finished volunteering, I looked forward to coming back to the company to volunteer with more people. What I wish to accomplish through volunteering at soccer unity project is that I’ll be more experienced with teaching children how to play soccer and helping others. Soccer Unity Project has given me a better understanding on theories of child development. I can relate this experience to my course because in the theories of child development I noticed some children were observational learners. When we had a new drill I would walk through the drill step by step and the children would observe and follow
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