Soccer Vs Football Essay

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American football and soccer are two of the most known sports in the world. Soccer is known to be the most popular sport in the world while American Football is known as America 's favorite And best sport. In some places of the world Soccer is also known as "Football" or "Futbol". Both Soccer and Football have major differences such as protective gear and overall goal of the game that makes them so unique and exciting for all there fans.

First of all.American Football is a deadly sport, the sport is so deadly it requires protective gear. Second American Football has one of the highest rates of concussions for sports, while men 's soccer has under half of the rate of concussions that American Football does.Concussions can cause the person
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Soccer is popular across the world due to it being easy to play but takes a lot of time and dedication to truly master, not to mention it 's cheaper to play soccer then it is to play American Football.The average career span of an American Football player is 3.3 years while the average career of a Soccer player is 8 years.Football players generally have a very low professional time compared to most sports due to the high risk of concussions and other dangerous injuries.Soccer players have a pretty long career span.Because Soccer players, are usually not faced with as much brain trauma as American Football players.The American Football Super Bowl in 2017 had around 111.3 million viewers, while Soccer 's Grey Cup had 3.4 billion people viewing in 2010.The object of the game in both American football and soccer is completely different, with soccer players trying to kick the ball into the opponent 's net for a point while in Football one team tries to carry the ball into the opponent 's end zone, without being tackled for six points.Soccer and American Football are completely different sports.

In conclusion, American Football and Soccer or “futbol” are completely different in almost every aspect,both sports have
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