Soccer Vs Football Research Paper

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I decided to write my compare and contrast essay on the sport of Football and Soccer. Football and Soccer are two very popular sports. Both sports are loved by millions all over the world. Some would argue that Football is better, while others prefer the sport of soccer. Both sports require teamwork and collaboration. In American football, we have what’s called the Super Bowl. That’s when the two best teams who have competed throughout the year play against each other for championship. In soccer, they have what is called the World Cup. It is when several countries compete in an international soccer tournament which is held every four years.
Football and soccer are similar in a variety of ways. They both have 11 players on the field within the game. Both sports are contact sports and are played outside. Each sport takes place on a field. Some fields within a stadium may use real grass while other fields may use synthetic grass. A football field is 120 yards long, including two 10 yards deep end zones on both end and 30 yards wide. In contrast, a soccer field can range from 100 yards to 130 yards long and 50 to 100 yards wide.
Another similarity between the two sports is that they both have two goals on the
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The ball that is used for football is shaped like an oval, while the ball that is used to play in soccer is shaped like a sphere. The uniforms used for football are more intense and have more protective gear, due to the nature of the game. Football uniforms for a football player consist of helmet, shoulder and chest pads protector, upper leg padding and mouth guard. In contrast soccer uniforms for a soccer player consist of, a soccer shirt or jersey, shorts, stockings, shin guards and shoes. Extra gear may consist of sliding shorts, mouth guards, protective cups, knee and elbow pads, padded soccer pants, soccer gloves, and protective head
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