Soccket Case Study

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James Cook University Singapore (JCUS)

BX2184: Sustainable Marketing Management

“Soccket - The Alternative Energy Ball”

Lecturer: Ms Pauline Ong

Tutorial B
Date of Submission: 30th April 2015

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Objective
3. Situational Analysis - PESTLE
4. Situational Analysis - SWOT
5. Target Market (Persona)
6. Conclusion
7. Recommendation
8. References
9. Appendixes

Introduction “Soccket” is a football born out of the creation of Uncharted Play Inc, situated in New York City, USA. It aims to change lives by creating light through play. The social enterprise uses a differentiated strategy to conceptualize a ball which contains a kinetic mechanism that charges the battery in the ball as it is being played. The products used in making
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Upon further research and development on Soccket, Soccket II has been introduced to the market.
2) Customer Acquisition – According to Kickstarter Inc (2014) 1,094 backers have supported the Soccket deserving cause thus contributing to $92,296 in development funds.
3) Customer Retention – With the global reach of Soccket, customer satisfaction has played an integral part for Uncharted Play. In order to stay connected with its customers, constant customer feedback has enabled it to enhance its product and service delivery. Up to date information on its product are available on its website in the form of video and prototypes. In the long run it will increase customer satisfaction and retain customers.
4) Increase in Sales Volume- With the recognition of the benefits of Soccket, Uncharted Play’s true innovation purpose has been identified. Thereby with enhanced marketing strategies, it aims to accomplish gradual increase in its sales volume over the years. Uncharted Play has partnered with corporate sponsors to foster corporate social responsibility

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