Social Abuse And The Negative Effects Of Social Media

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Social media is defined as the interaction of groups or individuals where they produce, share or exchange opinions over the internet and also in virtual communities. It has made a great impact on the people in this generation. The media not only serves as a source of information but also provides a source of entertainment. Almost everyone owns a media device regardless of their age. Its functions such as communicating, texting, images sharing, audio and video sharing, fast publishing, linking with all over world and direct connecting is very convenient for people of most ages. As the usage of media is increasing rapidly among people, youth is also affected. Most youths are influenced by social media which caused them to shift from electronic media like as television viewers and radio listeners. They spend most of their time on media instead of carrying out beneficial activities such as group studies, playing sports, going for an outing and others. The media has its positive effects too, however, the negative effects of it is more clearly seen. The increasing number in usage of social media in youths has caused questions on the impacts of it. Some of the impacts that have gotten attention are cyber dating abuse, time spent on media devices and the influences, and exposure to sexual contents. One of the effects of social media is cyber dating abuse which leads to devastating actions taken by youth such as sexual assault, adolescent relationship abuse and pregnancy risk
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