Social And Cultural Differences Between Fashion And Fashion

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fashion and architecture are always connected; they are mirroring and reflecting each other and reflecting the identity of social and cultural aspects of the country. The transformations of fashion and architecture have constantly led to new trends within cities and countries. The demands of the luxury inside fashion and architecture are worldwide and it is continuous. But the definition of luxury will not be constant; the rise of the new luxury market will follow the new trend that will be affected by the social and cultural of the country at all the time. The significance of luxury within architecture covers a variety of definitions. To a businessman, “Architecture is the same as advertising for communicating the brand,” said by Patrizio Bertelli (quoted in Iovine, Julie V. 2003), the chief executive officer of Prada and Miuccia Prada’s husband, but as an architect, ' 'At the end of the day, fashion is ephemeral, … Buildings survive and, for me, what 's interesting is making architecture that makes the city itself look different.” Jacques Herzog said (2003). The architecture consideration inside a building is clearly more than an exercise in branding.
Mario Prada and Martino began the first store at Milan in 1913, and it was known as Fratelli Prada [Prada Brothers]. The store was selling leather goods and imported English steamer trunks and handbags initially. Miuccia Prada, a professional fashion designer, took over the family business and converted ‘Prada’ to a

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