Social And Cultural Influences On Consumer Behavior

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Social and cultural Influences
Social and cultural characteristics have a huge influence on consumer’s buying behavior. Culture is essential when it comes to understanding the needs and behavior of the consumer. Himalaya has a market aimed towards India, therefore, should focus on India’s cultural ideas within their marketing mix and communication. Symbols can be verbal or nonverbal. They are cultural cues that appear within advertising and packaging.
Research implies that the Indian culture has demanding and rigorous views on social responsibility. Especially when it comes to social responsibility for strangers not part of the “in-group” of individuals. The results seem to support the perspective that the culture has an impact on individual’s sense of morality. The emphasis of Hinduism on compassion seems to have an influence on their views on morality. Therefore advertising the good work and harmlessness of the company to nature and humans will benefit their image strongly in India (Miller, Bersoff and Harwood. 1990).
In relation to the herbal ingredients, companies are using the green marketing strategy to attract buyers. The use of Himalayas all natural ingredients works perfectly with green marketing. Du Point’s study of consumers shows that India has the highest confidence of their global index in green and biobased products.Younger consumers especially have the higest familiarity with the concept of green products and that supports the target group for the Himalaya

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