Language Use Of Euphemism

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Euphemism is defined as words that express more polite term in order to be inoffensive to people. People do not want to offend other people. Euphemism is a tool that “is embedded so deeply in our language that few of us, even those who pride themselves on being plain-spoken, ever get through a day without using them," (Rawson, 1981:1). All people need to use euphemism and cannot avoid it. Euphemism has been combined in their daily life.
Euphemism is related to social and culture. It also has relationship with politeness. This term becomes an issue in our society. We cannot feel free from politeness because we live in society that always changes. It is like what Pesola said in his thesis (1999: 1) that “all languages use euphemism and euphemism
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In replacing taboo words term, people should replace taboo words because those words can bring embarrassment. Ham (2005: 228) pointed that “euphemism becomes the needs in both emotional and social; it lets us to use the taboo words without enraging, outraging, or upsetting other people.” For instance, people prefer to say ‘adult entertainment’ become ‘pornography’. In avoiding inconvenient occasions, there is a time when the words are not taboo but it is better to use euphemism. Dominguez (2005:11) stated the use of euphemism is not taboo at all but it is more uncomfortable and problematic in some context when people do not use euphemism. As an illustration, someone is shy to say that he is poor but he should say it in order to avoid misunderstanding. Indeed, he used euphemism term through say ‘I am an economically disadvantaged (I am poor)’ (Schneider, 2011).
Euphemism is important to be researched. It is because euphemism is frequently used in daily life of people. People can be offended if they do not use euphemism. For one thing, to say ‘he was dead’ to a child, it may hurt child’s heart if people say it directly, then people prefer to say ‘he went to
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This movie has the existence of euphemism. Big hero 6 Movie is a teenager movie. It tells about the life of teenagers. There are some reasons why the researcher takes this movie. The first reason is the researcher would like to investigate the language use of teenagers in this movie that always develop. The second one is to educate teenagers about how the way and importance to use euphemism in their communication.
This research uses Allan and Burridge’s theory of euphemism. This theory gives more details about euphemism. There are two reasons why the researcher uses this theory. The first reason is many sources about it that researchers usually make theory from Allan and Burridge as their sources. It means that theory from Allan and Burridge is more trusted. The second one is this theory does not only explain in detail about the types of euphemism but also the functions of euphemism. Thus, the euphemism theory from Allan and Burridge is appropriate to be a theory of this
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