Social And Economic Changes In The 1920s Essay

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The 1920s were the first years of the new, modern America, with a growing consumer society and new ideas and rules. America saw many changes throughout this decade, including but not limited to social, economic and political changes. Throughout this time, new values were made with the growth of new forms of entertainment and education. After the Progressive Era, the ideas of political figures changed with a new focus on conservative politics and less labor issues. With the new ability for people to buy other products than basic needs, their money went to new inventions, causing new industries to grow. Some of the issues and ideas made in the 20s involved changed gender roles and pop culture. During the 1920s, young women called flappers would cut their hair and wear short dresses. Flappers helped show the idea that women can be dependent on their own. The idea of independence also grew as the 19th…show more content…
As companies were easing back from the war-time economy, people were buying more things. As the elected presidents of that time gave tax cuts and vetoed bills in their favor, companies were growing. With the growth of companies, their workers were getting higher wages and more people were employed, giving them excess money. More money meant that people were able to buy things previously unable to. Some of these new things were like the Model T Ford, the Band-Aid and the television. One thing that made the Model T special was that it was the first item to be made on a production line. The production line was a huge improvement on how things were normally made, allowing one person to specialize in one skill and do that repeatedly. It allowed for more precision and accuracy, causing customers to be more satisfied. The influence of the 20s in social, political and economic ways made it a big part of American

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