Social And Economic Development: The Importance Of Industrialization In India

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Background: Industrial revolution during the period of 18th to 19th century has changed the world in many aspects. It could be said to be the base for modern world, we live in today. All industrial, scientific, social and economic development could be related back to that period. Along with development several problems of today’s world are also a creation of that period only, be it population, pollution, terrorism, war etc. This brought a radical change in the relationship of man with nature. The threat of pollution of environment was obviously realized first in western countries which were the father of modern industrialization and civilization. However, at that time India was also almost on threshold of pollution era . Major concern for pollution was realized by the world community during 20th century. In India, after independence, a need for economic development was considered as the important goal of the nation, and this in many ways deteriorated the environmental scenario in India. However after the Stockholm Declaration of 1972, of which India was also a part, it realized the need for conservation of environment as the foremost concern. By 42nd amendment, the term socialist was added in Indian constitution, which in a way improved the role of the state to a welfare government and environmental issue was regarded as one of the foremost issues. Article 21 of Indian constitution provides right to life to all persons. Right to life means to have intact all limbs and

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