Social And Economic Impacts Of Tourism

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This essay assesses the consideration of tourism in developing country. Republic of Peru’s tourism is assessed in this essay. This essay restrains tourism’s contribution to the economy as well as the impact and issues on social,environmental, and economic condition of the country. Republic of Peru is listed under developing country as per World bank (2013). Tourism is one of the world’s biggest industries .For developing countries it is also one of the biggest income generators. Early literature in tourism development emphasized the role of tourism in economic development ,particularly for developing countries.(Erbes,1973).People all over the world are more curious and enthusiastic and more willing to spend on travelling than any other thing. As a result tourism industry has build up extravagant economic contribution evident in many countries in the globe today. Every year, billions and billions of dollar are paid to key individuals such as tour operators ,hotel and lodging providers, and restaurateurs in return of satisfaction is generated among the millions of people who travel each year as tourist. However the negative social and cultural impacts of tourism has increased in the past two decades calling for a more aware of lanning and management of tourism development (WTO,1996,Mathieson & Wall,1982,Wahab,1997). Torusim development invariably causes change .These changes are the following ;chages in the way of life of the people in tourism spot,evenironment effect of
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