Social And Economic Problems In Upton Sinclair's The Jungle

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How would you feel people would feel knowing that they were ingesting contaminated foods? This was the case in the late 18th hundred and early 19th hundred many social and economic problems came to be in the United States. For example, one of the many problems that arose during these years were the sanitation conditions in the companies. To be more precise, food companies were getting away with many of the inspections the government would act on. Meat packing industries were becoming more unsafe everyday. This led for more people to become sick and die from diseases because of the rotten, diseased, and contaminated foods they were ingesting. Many people were disturbed by the fact that these meat-packing industries were getting away with all the infections they had in the meat. They were so disturbed that they wanted to expose them and show what their company was actually like. These people became known as the muckrakers. The muckrakers were people who wanted to show the world the corruption taking action, inequality, and social injustices. Within these people, was a very famous individual ;his name was Upton Sinclair. Sinclair was born in eighteen eighty-seven and died ninety years later in New Jersey. Upton Sinclair, for the most part, wanted to find a solution and empower the working class individuals. He was able to show the conditions of the meat packing industry with writing a book. He became a very well known for the writing of this book. The Jungle was a book that
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