Social And Environmental Consequences Of Industrialization

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Taking into account the topic that I have chosen that is ‘What are some of the social and environmental consequences of the Industrialization?’ I am going to plan my essay in the following way. In order to develop my essay, firstly I am going to explain briefly what Industrialization is, to continue with the explanation of the social and environment consequences that the Industrialization had. Finally, to conclude with the essay, I am going to write a conclusion taking into account the consequences that I am going to explain in the essay and giving a whole overview of both social and environmental consequences. In order to do my essay, I have chosen some books as well as some web pages that help me to get the necessary information that I need to write my essay.

The industrialization, as well as all the main events of world’s history, had a great impact on history, and also on society. According to what Robert C. Allen said, “the Industrialization was one of the great, transformative events of world history” . Therefore, its consequences made a huge impact on the society and on the environment of that time, and many of these consequences still remain nowadays.

First and foremost, I would like to give a definition of what industrialization is. It is the process in which a primary economy, which is based on agriculture, turns into a way of production based on capitalism or socialism, and the process is spread to different parts of the world. According to Clive Trebilcock,
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