Social And Negative Effects Of Divorce

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“Today, more than 23 million American children live in a single-parent household (“State Divorce Laws”). Many children have watched their parents go through a divorce. It can be very hard experience for children to go through. Some researchers have suggested that not only the divorce itself, but the tensions between the parents have a harmful impact on children. Children who experience divorce are also more likely to have social or pathological problems as they grow up. Growing up in a happy home can benefit children by protecting them from these social and pathological problems. However, the divorce rate in the United States is near 40%, meaning that many children are not living in happy homes. Children who experience their parents’ divorce also are at risk for mental, educational, and physical problems. Most spouses going through a divorce care deeply about their children, and want what is best for them. In some cases, parents will stay in an unhappy marriage in an effort to try to protect their children. The effect that an unhappy home can have on children can be worse than the effects of a divorce. If a couple stays in an unhappy marriage, there will be much more tension for a longer period of time. Also, children can take after their parents’ unhappiness. They will see and feel the tension in the marriage, and realize that their family isn’t doing well. Some children in this situation even blame themselves, thinking that they are responsible for the damage to the
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