Social And Political Issues In Music

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Introduction: Music is a way of communication. An average person spends several hours a day listening to music either from a library where they select tracks or from their surrounding such as games, television, radio or even other people singing. There have been a great amount of studies dedicated to the effects that music has on people and our society yet there is another important fact: music reflects us and our society as well. As human beings we take experiences, we build new concepts from our knowledge and create from there. Music is no exception, musicians sing about their lives and subjects of great matter to them. Songs have been linked to politics for thousands of years, take anthems for example, expressing love for a nation; anti-war songs are also very popular and powerful. Through music lyrics we are able to explore the context of other societies in different times, we understand their culture and their history. Some topics are still relevant, this knowledge becomes significant to us so we can overcome those stated issues and achieve a wider point of view to solve social and political problems. The most valuable reason to analyse music is to find a different perspective from a textbook or a politician; musicians tend to identify more with the average civilians. Rock bands have been recognized over their controversial lyrics. Famous bands, for example, directly sing about topics such as sexism, politics, ethnicity, and death. Rock music, especially
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