Social And Racial Issues In The Harlem Renaissance

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We chose a website because of convenience and our love for technology. While creating the website, we could easily work together to get everything accomplished at the same time. Also since one of us has a busy schedule, it made it easier to be somewhere with wifi to work on it. Both of us love technology and wanted to find a way to incorporate it into our National History Day admission.

Throughout the whole process, we only encountered one problem. Our problem was while creating the annotated bibliography. When going to cite and make sure that each source's url still worked, the majority of the time they would not appear. We ended up having to go on the website as a whole and not just that one page. We would search for our page that had the information that we originally found and used. …show more content…

Artists of that time were also able to help others in a way, explore themselves. This time period was able to bring out the creative side of people. Our topic relates to encounters because it was a very different and large experience than any other time period. The Harlem Renaissance was one large encounter that hit road bumps along the way due to the racial issues during that time period. It was also an encounter due to how unexpected ways of art were introduced. Our topic relates to exchange because of how people other than African Americans were able to experience the greatness of this era. People were able to exchange ideas and get to know about another person's ideas or art. By this exchanging of ideas, new marvelous ideas were created and shared that contributed to the beauty of the Harlem

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