Social And Social Change In Adolescence

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Adolescence is a period of transition from childhood to adulthood between the ages twelve and nineteen, it can be a period of physical changes, emotional upset and turmoil. It may be less difficult for some being a teenager but there are areas where conflict arise as one may ask themselves ‘who am I’ that’s my view. On researching this I realized that the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines Adolescence as a “period of life from puberty to adulthood (roughly ages 12–20) characterized by marked physiological changes, development of sexual feelings.” Rathus{2004} defines adolescent as a time of transition from childhood to adulthood and just like the Wedster Dictionary the author states that ‘adolescent entails physical, cognitive, and social and emotional changes.
Woolfolk (2007) is of the view that when a child reaches adolescence they search for their identity. Seifert/ Hoffnung mention Erik Erikson’s Identity versus Role confusion. Adolescence challenge to resolve this crisis. `
It’s a time of change which up to today some adolescence still has problems coping with these changings. It’s a stage where they are searching to find themselves. The changes in adolescence leads to reproduction, adolescence has a growth spurt. In adolescence there is a social, emotional and cognitive change. Some adolescence deal with this change well however some do not and it can be very problematic for them and the parents. There is a sense of more independence; they tend to
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