Social And Social Changes In World War 1

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During 1914 to 1939, to a huge extent political, social, and economic changes contribute to increasing Canadian identity. When World War 1 (WW1) began, the social events had contributed to the Canadian identity which are the Conscription, Women and Change, and Technological Changes. Financing the War Effort, growing economy, and the Great Depression that happened had affected the economy in Canada. Last, The Battle of Vimy Ridge, Halibut Treaty, and New Political Parties had affected the political changes. During the time period of 1914 to 1939, the social, economic, and political changes that happened in Canada contributed to an improved sense of Canadian identity.
Conscription, women and change, and technological changes had contributed to an improved sense of Canadian identity by telling the different changes of social. 1914s was the time when WW1 began. Many Canadians joined the army and the government of Canada had no problem persuading Canadians to enlist in the armed forces. At that time, people thought that joining the army was not that scary because they think that helping the country to fight is an honor and they think that they can be back before Christmas. But the truth wasn’t like that, people had learned about the conditions of the war from newspaper and soldiers who had returned home. Moreover, so many people had lost their loved ones because so many soldiers died during the war which causes fewer people wanted to sign up. Britain know that they must

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