Social And Social Effects Of Poverty

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Poverty can be defined as the lack of means necessary to meet a person’s basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter. Poverty is a worldwide problem that affects people emotionally and often result in the death of thousands of people annually. Some may say that poverty can be caused because one’s poor choices but little did they know, it is simply because of the social and economic effects that society plays on them. Social and economic effects such as discrimination, financial constraints and the lack of opportunities available to those in poverty are just some of the common setbacks that people who undergo poverty deal with on a daily basis. The first factor that leads to the condition of poverty is discrimination. When you are poor, society views you as a ‘nobody’; you are often taken advantage of and you may receive the lowest paying jobs. People are discriminated by their level of education. For example, if a job is hiring, they will post an advertisement that states ‘college graduate’; this will immediately discourage a person who is qualified but is not a college graduate from applying. Moreover, when society detects a person who has something going for themselves and is educated, they are swift to offer them new opportunities, but they will never notice little old you that has nothing and is uneducated all owing to the fact that you are poor. Another source that causes poverty is financial constraints. People who are faced with poverty are
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