Social And Political Interactions

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Throughout history certain social and political interactions have become repetitive and somewhat regular among humans. The various different ways that all humans choose to treat each other socially and politically have shaped the patterns of the events that are controlled by them. Politically, the patterns of interactions have to do with the way they shape political platforms and the decision that they conduct based on the interaction (Victor, 2018). Socially, for example, something as simple as handing somebody else a basic item to help them out is performed similarly every time with slight differences that may impact the outcome of the situation greatly (Bode, Sutton, Lacey, Fennell, & Leonards, 2018). Political interactions have always,…show more content…
People’s reactions are generally based on their current well-being rather than positives outcomes (Rooks, 1984). Meaning that one’s reaction to any given social interaction is most likely based upon their personal self-values. Reactions of people surrounded by poor social experiences will naturally be negative, and on the opposite end of the spectrum the person surrounded by positive surroundings will generally make better choices, have a higher well-being, and react positively. Social interactions, like political interactions, can start small and make a big impact. For example, something as simple as holding the door for someone could boost their moral for the day and let them do great things and have a higher social attitude towards others. On a bigger scale, like in business, the interactions made with business partners, if done well, can propel big picture projects are anything trying to be done. In the Jungle, a novel by Upton Sinclair, social interactions that follow a pattern that are still relevant. The way that a Lithuanian family comes to the U.S. in search for better life and ends up in the worst of situations (Sinclair, 2004). The work offered to them was in the worst of conditions and barely allowed the family enough to get by. These types of families lived in the slums of the big cities they try to find work in. This type of social interaction by a group of immigrants is still prevalent today…show more content…
The social interaction that’s being repeated in this story is a big name brand, in this case McDonalds, that produces an easy-to-produce product that is not healthy or the best that it could be, the McDonalds burgers for example, but is delicious or extremely cheap but of a good quality just for personal gain. This is performed by many companies worldwide, generally fast food restaurants, for the personal growth of the brand and not caring about the
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