Social And Social Stereotypes In The 1950's

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In the 1950’s the decade had provided the popular belief of “Leave it to Beaver” image of the era. That could be described as the peaceful, prosperous, and smooth sailing of the stereotypical characteristic of all people living in this time period. But, as stereotypes may be looked upon as facts, this was not the case at all. Though, the 1950’s may seem like a peaceful era, it was much more complex than that, the 1950s did not always match up with this popular image. The Berlin Wall and Great Depression were over and the new era came upon to spark the beginning of the 1950’s. The typical focus of this era was to protect families individually and preserve domesticity, and hold certain standards too succeed in life. To include, that in 1950’s, there was much improvement when it came to working and jobs. There were more white collar jobs in the office and other administrative settings such as: advertising, marketing, etc. After the Cold War, there was a vast Economic boom, people were earning money and putting money in the banks more than ever before. Musical entertainment was a big influence on the youth of America, it was newly created genre of Rock N’ Roll that brought upon international icon Elvis Presley to the world and many others. The decade of the 50s matched up with the popular term,“Leave it to Beaver”, a peaceful, prosperous, smooth sailing of a typical family. More to the terms of a Nuclear Family that a lot of people in the 1950s had high standards to. A

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