Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

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Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is a fear of social interaction due to embarrassment or judgment of those around them. In fact, a person often experiences low self-esteem, depression, and a variety of other symptoms that stem from this disorder. Additionally, since people with social anxiety feel watched all the time, the internet has become their worst fear. There is not only a fear of being judged in person, but also from behind the comfort of their own computer screen. Almost every person experiences social anxiety in some type of situation. Social anxiety disorder continues to be a growing problem because of the unlimited access to the internet, judgment of people’s peers and the fear of humiliating oneself in public; however, SAD can have…show more content…
Multitasking with various forms of technology has “increased both depression and social anxiety among the general public” (Introduction to Does the Internet Increase Anxiety). Since today’s society is centered around social media, people begin to develop new fears. For example, the fear of missing out, “or FOMO, refers to the social anxiety people get when they feel disconnected from social experiences” (Duong). This not only worsens existing social anxiety, but it can lead to the development of new anxiety. Social media gives people an unrealistic expectation of what they should look like or act. As a result, people feel self-conscious about their body image which makes them afraid to encounter their peers. The more hours spent “gaming online, the stronger the link to social anxiety disorder, social phobia, depression, and even pain” (Introduction to Does the Internet Increase Anxiety). People use online gaming as an escape from reality. They not only feel more comfortable talking to people through a computer screen, but they also do not like to interact face to face. Connecting and socializing with other online gamers, even a little bit, “can help people with anxiety overcome some of the issues they struggle with everyday” (Wythe). Gaming aids those that are too afraid of being judged or embarrassed in everyday social interaction. Once a person experiences social anxiety from cyberbullying, “he or she…show more content…
In fact, the leading cause of social anxiety stems from today’s judgmental society. In spite of this, the use of online gaming has aided in the therapy of some SAD patients. While social anxiety is a prevalent disorder, there are few places to get treatment or therapy. Social anxiety may not be the most life threatening disorder, but without treatment and medications people with SAD will not live a normal
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