Social Apathy Essay Examples

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Social apathy

The progressive technology not only boosts the economy and products forward, but also cause society to communicate less and feeling indifferent to each other. In modern times, it has become a phenomenon, which is called “social apathy”. As these case happened anytime anywhere, so some people say that social apathy is a problem in today’s world. To a great extent, I agree with statement for three reasons which are affecting the human right, lost you say in society and environmental issue being deteriorate. On the following paragraphs, I will demonstrate my thesis and opinions.
First and foremost, on the personal level, social apathy may affect the life of someone because of social emotionless, the residents probably may not give a help when other people are seeking for assistance. According to (“The unkindness of strangers”,2013)’’, there is a little child who called Yue Yue was knocked down by
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Unfortunately, many citizens are impassive to the political of Hong Kong, including policy and you say in society. In a certain extent, the thing that you want to achieve is based on how you strive for it. If you do not try to realize, then you will lose you right slowly, for examples, attempt a more suitable policy for the needy and citizens, also the disharmony.

The apathy of politics not only happen in Hong Kong, also the America. According to (“Commentary: Apathy in America is a growing plague”,2013)’’,there only 58 percent of qualified voters to vote in 2012 presidential election, when comparing to the 2004 and 2008, the percentage has dropped from above 60% to 58%. One of the reason that causing this phenomenon can be the social emotionless, because they don’t concern who will be the president and the consequence of effects. On the contrary, they focus on the income and entertainment of
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