My Social Norm

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Most of the things we do in life have a certain guideline that we should follow. We have been taught these guidelines since we were little by our parents. We have been taught what we should do or not to do. We grow up following different beliefs as others, which is influenced by the environment you live in, religion, and other things. We have been taught to behave a certain way at different places. In our community, we have several norms that we follow. A norm is a way of behaving which is considered normal in a specific society. It is something that is usual or typical. However, a social norms are rules that are understood and accepted by everyone. It is a causal understanding that controls the behavior of the people in the society. I’ve…show more content…
I thought it would be interesting to see how someone would react to my behavior in a closed space. So, I decided to choose the elevator to experiment my social norm because I feel it is the perfect place. The individual would be closer to me to react quick, and at the same time it would be awkward because the elevator takes time to reach to a certain floor. I chose to push the buttons to the floor that I am not going to get off at. So, during the day I went to the school parking garage, I saw a guy getting into the elevator. He pushed to get off on fifth floor, so I pushed to get off on second floor, making sure he saw I pushed that button. He seemed nice and friendly because he smiled at me, and was just staring at the floor numbers changing. We got to second floor and the doors opened, but I didn’t get off. He looked at me and while I smiled at him. He asked if this was the floor I was suppose to get off and I replied with a smile saying yes. I stood there still, watching the elevator doors close. He looked at me confused and started laughing. Which made me laugh too, but I didn’t say anything. I think he felt awkward, so he took out his phone. I guess your phone always saves you from any awkward situation. We got to the fifth floor and as he was leaving the elevator, in a laughing voice he said “have a great day.” I replied and said “you too.” I was actually expecting him not to say anything to me, but he was nice enough to tell me that my floor is arrived. It was a very funny and interesting experience, so I was excited to try it again on other

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