Social Behavior Intervention

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The intervention will consist of a pretest-posttest randomized experimental group design. This design will consist of 2 experimental groups. One group will receive the Applied Behavior Analysis treatment and the other group will receive the Early Start Denver Model assessment. The dependent variable and outcomes will be social behavior symptoms and the independent variable outcomes will be the intervention treatment (ABA or ESDM) that the child receives. A repeated measure ANOVA will be used for data analysis on this study. Through the repeated measure ANOVA the P-value is looked at to determine significance of effectiveness on the social behavior symptoms of the autistic child. Although the p-value is a very important indicator of significance,…show more content…
At one time (pre-test time), both ABA and ESDM groups reported similar score levels of social behavior symptoms through the CARS assessment test; however at time point two (post-test time) even though both groups saw a decrease in score the level and amount of decrease in CARS assessment score for the ESDM group (difference in score of 10) was significantly greater than the very slim (difference in score of 2) decrease in score that occurred in the ABA…show more content…
While the Applied Behavior Analysis therapy does also make improvements in social behavior symptoms, it is not the recommended therapy through this research study. With the ESDM model children are able to benefit more from the social interaction they receive from both their certified clinician and their parent. Children are able to learn from the comfort of their home, rather than out of place in a clinic where it might be hard to focus and pay attention to the therapy. Parents should keep in mind that ESDM also incorporates ABA therapy into the program plan. Enrolling their autistic child into an ESDM program will help to maximize the benefits of early intervention therapy which will then lead to maximized results and a larger decrease in social behavior symptoms that are usually seen and typical to the autistic

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