Social Benefits Of Being Physically Active

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CHOICE # 1: To be physically active (4 marks) As I do not really have time to go to the gym or join the sports team, I do not do many exercises currently. However, at school, instead of taking the elevator, I take the stairs. This makes me become more active, and it saves some time because there are always many people taking the elevator which takes so long. Also, I need to walk to the bus station every day, which is a physical activity, too. The social benefit of being physically active is that we can meet new people. For example, once I went to the tennis court with my father, we play with others, then we become friends. The physical benefit is that it helps us to manage our weight, so it makes us look better. The emotional benefit is that it raises our self-esteem. Since the physical activity makes us look good, it will also make us feel good. CHOICE # 2: To eat well (4 marks) I do not eat fast food since most of the time, my mother cook for me. I eat many vegetables and fruits, as Health Canada mentions, “Eating whole vegetables and fruit is more nutritious than drinking juice.” We usually eat white rice, and my mother uses olive oil to cook. However, for the meat and alternatives, I only eat a few. I don’t like the meat, but I eat some fish and eggs. I do not really choose healthy snacks because I love the sweets like chocolate. I know there is too much sugar in it, but it tastes good. If we eat too much sugar, we might have “type 2 diabetes”.
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