Physically Active Advantages

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CHOICE # 1: To be physically active (4 marks) As I do not really have time to go to the gym or join the sports team, I do not do many exercises currently. However, at school, instead of taking the elevator, I take the stairs. This makes me become more active, and it saves some time because there are always many people taking the elevator which takes so long. Also, I need to walk to the bus station every day, which is a physical activity, too. The social benefit of being physically active is that we can meet new people. For example, once I went to the tennis court with my father, we play with others, then we become friends. The physical benefit is that it helps us to manage our weight, so it makes us look better. The emotional benefit is…show more content…
Sometimes, I am too lazy to put the sunscreen, but I will take an umbrella if the sunlight is too strong. Otherwise, I do not go to the doctor for an annual check-up since me and my parents don’t think this is necessary. Also, it seems like the wait time in a hospital is really long, I do not want to waste a whole day there for waiting. Even so, an annual check-up could be useful, it tells you if you are healthy or not, and what is the problem. Therefore, it is a good choice to go to a doctor for an annual check-up. Summary & Action: (12 marks) A) From the above lifestyle choices that you make, which choice has the most positive impact on your health? The choice I made which has the most positive impact on my health is “Not smoke”. Since smoking damages our organs, for example, the lungs, the heart and even the brain. According to SmokeFree, “smoking increases your risk of having a stroke by at least 50%, which can cause brain damage and death. And, by smoking, you double your risk of dying from a stroke.” There are many negative effects of smoking on our body, so I made a good choice. B) From the above lifestyle choices that you make, which choice has the most negative impact on your health? (4
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