Summary: Social Benefits Of Choral Singing

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Social Benefits of Music Research suggests that there are social benefits to music and music making in a group setting. Choral singing has provided an environment that has created social benefits that can be obtained by participation in an ensemble like a choir. An example of the many social benefits provided through singing is the research of Sarah Bartolome (2013). Bartolome found within the parameters of, research, participants described a myriad of reasons for membership in the Seattle Girls’ Choir. The members described social benefits, including feeling accomplished and a sense of communal creativity. One of the seniors in the choir responded by saying: “Choir is not always fun, but it’s always rewarding. So, you know, I don’t come…show more content…
In many cultures and times, music has been understood to have a beneficial impact on health (Gouk, 2000). Throughout this section, the impact of music on the health and wellness of people will be detailed with an emphasis on singing. Many studies show that singing enhances meaning of life in various aspects (Clift & Hancox, 2001; Bailey & Davidson, 2003). With increased social and cultural interest, and arguably medical interest in group singing, there is a corresponding research interest to investigate the effects of…show more content…
Participants have commented that the experiences gained from singing gave them feelings of freedom, openness, transcendence, and a sense of connection with God (Clift 2012). Amy Clements-Cortés (2014) studied the effects of singing on elderly persons, and created a choral program entitled “Buddy’s Glee Club” housed in an assisted living a facility. This study focused on the physical, social, and emotional wellness of the older adult participants in this singing program. The glee club rehearsals were facilitated by two trained musicians who were also music therapists. One served as the choir director and the other as the accompanist. Additionally, a research assistant was hired to observe the process and to administer test to the participants. The participants, all elderly persons, were varied in their physical or health impediments. Some patients had no cognitive issues while others were diagnosed with dementia. Information was collected to determine the following research

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