Social Bond Theory In Boyz In The Hood

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Throughout the movie “Boyz in the Hood” I observed various criminology theories. A lot of the theories correlate with racism, high poverty, gangs, and living in a poor environment. The three adolescent black males being raised in South Central Los Angeles. Their daily lives show a vast amount of relative deprivation. They lived in a less fortunate social environment, that didn’t offer better opportunities; sadly it was a deep battle of ignorance amongst their own culture. The American dream for them was an everyday struggle, a struggle literally just to survive.
Tre being one of the charming and clean-handed boys out of his group of friends. I think his values deeply came from being raised by his dad, Furious early into his
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He displayed operant behavior because he created a facade by having a duo-life, he was defenseless and at ease at home and in the streets he was a macho guy; he was affiliated with the gang “The Crenshaw Kings”. Having a duo-life is such a psychological contradiction because it's having two separate live personalities.
Ricky is the successful mesomorph football player. Ricky applies to the social bond theory because he formed a strong bond with pursuing football and family; he is also a father. There are four parts to the the social bond theory. The first aspect is that he created attachment as one of the bonds by being dedicated to football starting at a young age into young adulthood. When he was younger carried around the football his dad gave to him before he passed away. Maybe after that tragedy that was a turning point for Ricky in his life.
The second aspect of the social bond theory is aspect. Aspect related to the theory because he had strong encouragement and support from his mom. I think his mother contribution of encouragement and motivation helped him more to strive for his dream of being a professional athlete. His mother saw him having a better future compared to his brother Doughboy. He had good moral support through his friends and
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