Social Bullying: The Lasting Effects Of Cyber Bulling

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Being a victim of any kind of bullying is devastating and no one should go through it. Bulling is a hurtful way to pick on someone that for some reason they find different. I have been the victim of social bulling, cyber bulling, and have had long lasting effects. Bullies use different tactics to hurt someone either physically or emotionally. They want you to think they are in power by using personal information they gathered or physical strength. The people that do this, sometimes do these things because they are insecure, taking their sadness or anger out on others, or they have just decided that they don 't like that person so they want to hurt them. I was bullied by two girls named Sara and Jane, they were nice to others but decided they didn 't like me and my friend, Brianna. Sara and Jane were in the same grade as Brianna and I. They would socially bully us and cause us misery at any opportunity that they had. It started one morning after art class when Brianna and I went to the bathroom to wash our hands. Sara and Jane were in their talking about Brianna and I. They knew we could here them and what they said was really mean. We heard them talk about how they didn 't like our hair and how ugly we were. We tried to avoid them as much as we could, but they wanted to make us feel bad about ourselves. They started to come up to us so they could make sure we knew all of our flaws. This continued to get worse throughout the school year. Cyber bullying is a

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