Social Care Case Study

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Some situations in life can put someone in a very awkward position. Due to the vast diversity that exists among individuals, there are different responses that arise when one is faced with difficult times. Chris is an Indian citizen and has been battling lung cancer for eight years now. His family is dependent on him as their bread winner. Each passing day makes it harder for Chris to get enough money that he can share with his family of three children. On the positive side, Chris never gives up. He was always taught that a man is the strength and back bone of the family. Aged 38 years, this deadly disease is now weighing him down making it difficult for Chris to carry out day to day chores. His immunity is being overwhelmed by the disease…show more content…
This affects the help that he is likely to have from the citizens of the foreign country. Having worked here for quite some time, Chris is entitled to medical care in the facilities but this is not guaranteed in the social support. In order for him to cope with the situation, it is very important that the people around him provide the support he needs. There is a significant effect of social support in regard to the well-being of patients. It is also possible that due to the gender and age of Chris, there might not be a huge response from well-wishers and other people who are interested in helping him. Usually, people tend to have compassion towards children and other young people and as a result, you find that they are able to be helped with the situations they are in. Another factor that influences crisis intervention in this case is the class of Chris. His social status was not very low nor was it very high. This might prove to be a critical factor because the people who were close to him are the ones that are likely to come in and help. Very rich people in the society are usually supported by other rich individuals and this makes it easy for them to solve their financial problems. Similarly, poor people in the society have a tough time dealing with financial constrains because majority of their close friends are also poor. Even if there are individuals who will resolve to help Chris, it might not have an impact as compared to if he belonged to the rich class in the
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