Social Care Misconceptions

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Hello, Lori

You made a great point with telehealth and telecare. Sanders et al. (2012) identified telehealth and telecare interventions for improving quality and cost-effectiveness of care for people with long term complex health and social care needs. Patients who use this innovative change in care delivery have an increase in autonomy. There is the convenience as you emphasized due to decrease in unnecessary travel. However, according to a study by Sanders et al. (2012), some patients are reluctant to take part in this service due to many misconceptions such as technical competency to operate equipment, identity threats, independence and self-care; expectations and experiences of disruption to services. In time and with teachings much of this misconceptions may be diminish thus enhance usage.

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(2012). Exploring barriers to participation and adoption of telehealth and telecare with the whole system demonstrator trial: A qualitative study. BMC Health Services
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