Social Care Worker Reflection

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In this reflective essay, I am going to discuss all about myself and my values, the skills required to be a good social care worker, why I chose social care, what I hope to gain from doing social care and where I hope to go with my degree. To be a good social care worker we must be self-aware. This is important as we cannot help other people deal with their emotions if we are not self-aware of our own emotions. To be self-aware according to (Burnard,1992, p.216) means that ‘it’s a process of getting to know your own feelings, attitudes and values. It is also about learning about the effect you have on others’. Since my third year in secondary school, when some of the colleges in Ireland came to my school to do a fair, I decided then that I…show more content…
Probably the main reason why I decided to do social is because my younger sister has dyspraxia. Three years ago, my sister was diagnosed with dyspraxia and low working memory. Dyspraxia is a co-ordination disorder that affects adult and children’s fine motor skills (, 2018). When my sister was a child she struggled with her speech. She had to do a thirteen-week stint in speech therapy to help her become more confident with her speech. Back then we never would have guessed that there was more behind her struggling with her ability to speak. Then she went into primary school, she was quiet, but she thrived in the younger years of school. It was only when she reached senior level in primary school that we began to see a difference in her. She was quite immature for her age. My mam became increasingly worried about her and she done a dyslexia test in the school. It came back that she was mildly dyslexic. My mam still wasn’t happy with this diagnosis, so she decided to go privately and get a proper diagnosis. She was then diagnosed with dyspraxia in sixth class. This came as a shock to us, even though we knew something was wrong, we had never heard of dyspraxia before and didn’t know how to deal with it. Since she was diagnosed with dyspraxia and low working memory, I have witnessed her struggle socially, emotionally and I have seen her struggle with memory issues and of course co-ordination. At first her confidence was knocked, and she was very withdrawn within herself but now she is thriving in secondary school and has come to terms with the fact that she does suffer from this disorder and that she just must embrace it. I also used to babysit a young boy who suffers from sensory processing disorder. Sensory processing disorder is the way the nervous system receives messages and how they turn them into an appropriate motor or behavioural response (, 2018). Sensory processing disorder is on
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