Social Care Worker Role

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Introduction This essay aims to evaluate the role that a social care worker plays in looking after the overall well-being of older people in care, incorporating their physical, psychological and sociological needs. This role includes assisting the older person in accessing relevant supports and services to suit their individual needs. This paper will evaluate good and bad practice. Included in this essay the importance of following policies and procedures such as, HIQA standards to ensure safeguarding vulnerable adults is maintained to encourage and promote best practice is carried out by all. The Role of the Social Care Worker. As mentioned in (Celesta et el, 2009) not everyone who reaches old age needs to be placed in care, whether…show more content…
For example, a conversation between a social care worker and an older person might trigger an unconscious response in the social carer that could lead to discrimination against the service user. Therefore, if the social care worker is not tuned into their own emotional needs, reflecting on a regular basis, being mindful and attending supervision, they could be placing the welfare and safety of their service users at risk of not receiving proper care and attention. The social care worker should be someone who genuinely wants to work with vulnerable older people. Be consistent and congruent in their careing roles. Good communication skills are essential and following guidelines and HIQA standard to ensure best practice at all time. The importance of regular supervision and working in partnership with other professional demonstrates a healthy and safe environment for the older person in your care. Every individual deserves the right to be treated with dignity and respect while being encouraged and supported to make their own choices. Individualised care plans should be drawn up to ensure the older…show more content…
Sometimes what is not being said can say a lot. If the carer suspects any signs of abuse it should be taken up with their manager and concerns documented. Risk assessment helps the social care worker to assist the older person in accessing relevant supports and services to suit their needs, such as, home help, meals on wheels, getting involved in the community. Financial support. This helps to promote independent living as well as a sense of inclusion as older people can experience isolation and loneliness. This can be due to the loss of a spouse, close friend or family have moved abroad. The life they once knew can rapidly change, therefore it is important as a social care worker to be aware of the service user’s needs. As seen in the film (The Fundamentals of Caring 2016) ALOHA This stands for Ask, Listen, Observe Help Ask
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