Social Work In A Rented Home

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in rented house face many problems and it is difficult for them to search a rented house, they are forced to leave the rented house at least once in 6 months.
There is lack of family support also; the parents of special children are ignored from all family functions because the family members themselves is not ready to accept the child as it is, and start annoying the parents of special children ‘why’ did you bring the child to the function and they never accept the child.
4.4. Stress:
The parents of special children experience more stress than parents of normal child because each and every moment the special child should be taken care and monitored carefully as the special child is not physically strong and their motor activities are not as
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The case work is a primary method of social work can be done by a social work trainee also, the trainee develop a good rapport with the client and give them space to share their problems themselves by supporting the client and also by giving space and time for them to share the problem they go through in their mind and life. The trainee used the direct method of social case work with the care takers of disabled children, like counseling, catharis and motivation.
5.1.3. Case work Experience
The student conducted case work with the care takers of special children in the school. First and foremost the trainee created a good rapport with the care takers and slowly started interacting with the care takers to find out the problems faced by them, after some sessions conducted by the student to know about the family history of a particular client, they felt free to share their problems in bring the child to school, problems in joint family and society. So according to the clients problem the student used direct intervention techniques such as motivation, counseling and
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Group work is conducted for the group of people who has the same problem, the group work can be conducted by a social work trainee by identifying a set of individual who has similar problem and bringing them together and giving a solution for the problem faced by them.
5.2.3. Group work Experience
The trainee conducted one recreational group work and one educational group work. To reduce the stress of care takers as well as special children the student took them to railway museum where the parents and children got space to play together and it raised the bond between the children and parents. It helped the parents to feel free to bring the children to the public places in the upcoming days without any kind hesitation
The trainee conducted “Awareness programme on First Aid” for the care takers of special children, the student interacted with all the parents of the children in the school to conduct a group work of their present need, as many parents requested to conduct a programme on First Aid the student arranged for a programme on First Aid.
5.3. Community Organization
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