Social Challenges Of Community Service In South Africa

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What is community service? Voluntary (unpaid) work intended to be of social use, to help people in a particular area. It can often be done at animal shelters, “soup kitchens”, hospitals and charity shops etc. We (high school students) in South Africa are required to do 10 hours of community service before matric (grade 12) Social issue Because we are all living organisms we are prone to injuries e.g. car accidents and illnesses e.g. heart attacks. We hardly ever think about nurses and doctors until we get sick or get hurt. Nurses are people in the “background” that are there 24/7 if we get sick or hurt. Sometimes we take this service for granted. Some rural areas here in South Africa do not have access to nearby hospital and ambulance emergency access (e.g. more than 2 hours away). In the government (public) or private hospitals they are often short in staff and ambulances compared to the number of “incidents” they have to take of .this sis sometimes due to a limited number of qualified people or staff on strike. I was privileged enough to be able to assist at the garden city hospital in “casualty” also known as “trauma unit” this is where he person who arrives in an ambulance goes through the hospital first. About community service at Garden city hospital Garden city hospitals are one of the private net care hospitals. In Mayfair west Johannesburg. Before you allowed coming volunteer at the hospital you are required to fill in a form with all your

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