Social Change In Schools

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There was also a need to a larger space to play in during break time. In one of the interviews, the students mentioned that during break time when all of the classes are outside, they feel as though there is not enough space for them to play around freely with their friends. They always have to be careful of others and usually when a mistake happens and one of the students gets hit by a ball or gets bumped they will result into violence because they feel that the other student did it on purpose. Goal My main emphasis was to bring about social change in this community (school). The goal of this particular project is to see which social contexts such as background, and what behaviours contribute that lead to children bullying others. I want…show more content…
The forms of punishment of such an incidence are not carried out well. i made identification that there was no detention for pupils who misbehave but instead these pupils names get written in the school’s book of records. By performing this act they wait upon the governing body of the school to attend to the issue whenever the governing body is available to do so. Through the interviews with the pupils and staff members we identified some contributors to bullying which were the causes of bullying, the impacts of bullying and the types of bullying in the school. This project will impact the school community in a sense that the school pupils will be more aware and be on the lookout for bullying and not ignore the bullying situation and report it with immediate effect. Bullying has become a norm in the school that even staff members do not pay much attention to it. This project will impact the community by helping the pupils and the school in making it a conducive area of studying; in a sense that with these bullying behaviours being identified the school will take greater steps in punishment and ensuring a safe environment for everyone. Pupils will no longer be in fear when they are at school; this will build the pupils sense of efficacy and also creating a sense of community and belonging in the school. Long-term contributions of this project will be due to the harmonious behaviours of the pupils, it portrays a positive external image to the rest of the community about the school at large which brings a sense of promoting the school. This might result in having more pupils being admitted to the school and with that happening it might increase their desire of relocating the school to accommodate the large numbers. Good market for the school through the children’s behaviours in
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