Juvenile Crime Analysis

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Introduction This paper will focus on the issue of juvenile crime in terms of the social change, leadership and advocacy that are associated with it. Firstly, the importance of the issue, as well as possible contributions that could come with addressing it to the human services or societies supporting the mental health and welfare of its members, will be explained. Afterwards, the specific change needed to resolve the issue will be made clear, along with the specific way it could be addressed. Then, the goals beginning the process of identifying the juvenile crime change will be mentioned and how working towards these goals would assist to promote the much desired change.

SWOT analysis will be used to identify and describe the forces
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Reflection There is a certain relation between social change, leadership and advocacy. The three of them could exist alone but by using all of them together much more could be accomplished. For example, social change in many cases involves a change of attitudes, values and beliefs. In order to achieve a certain goal related to social change, a strong leadership is needed from a strong individual or a group of individuals. And those leaders often struggle with its achievement for it is not an easy task and many things could go wrong. Therefore, they need a certain level of advocacy from people knowledgeable enough to give the appropriate advices for the particular…show more content…
It is known that there is no single approach that works; a better choice is a combination of a few. All mentioned in this paper shows the collaboration between the three is needed to make a clear plan with at least a relative chance of success. The juvenile crime is a touchy subject not fully understood from many and that is why a certain level of people’s attitudes, beliefs and opinions about it has to be changed, in other words a social change is necessary. And this change needs to be led by someone, or a few individuals among the teachers that could be good role models. Further assistance is required as well in the faces of the consultants, social advisors,
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