Social Changes In The 19th Century

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There are three major social changes since 1880s.The first one is industrial Revolution which started from 18th and 19th centuries. This consider to be the main factor for the rise of socialism among the peoples. In this time period there is a rise of factories, skilled and unskilled workers worked together. They about to know each other. They can see the difference among them and they bond a relationship between each other. In the mid of 20th century, we had enter into the era of Postindustrial Age. In this time period peoples started socially organizing themselves. They moved from blue-collar job to white-collar job. They can see the difference between the white-collar job and blue-collar job. This era increased the number of service sectors and bureaucracies. The third and the last one is the 21st century in which we are currently living. The golden period of Informational Age. This era completely change the way of living of the peoples, they will become more social and more interacted with each. In this time period women’s gets the equal rights as of men’s and they stand beside with the men’s in the society. Women’s gets his status in the society, they start working in the society and the most impressive innovation of the 21st century is the expansion of technology. The hi-tech technology change the way of living of individual in the society. He can explore the world and get to know about the world for free. He can do whatever he wants to do without any cost.
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